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What Is Bitcoin

We get a local cryptocurrency expert to help clarify blockchain for us blockheads. Digital currency had a hell of a quarter, and its hardly February. Bitcoin and by expansion nearly the rest of the cryptocurrencies soared to record highs towards that the end of 2017, before plummeting two thirds in value. As I write this, the purchase price of one Bitcoin is hovering around $8, 000, not the $20, 000 summit around Christmas, however a far cry from the $0.08 it had been trading at in that the middle of 2010. As of press time that the value is just within $11, 000, representing a 28 percent growth over the per week ago, but a 12 plus percentage dip over the last month.

Such volatility can be cited as one of the major challenges for potential Bitcoin investors, but likely the biggest can be summed up in one question: Just exactly what the hell is a Bitcoin? To help explain how and what of cryptocurrencies, we talked with Mark Dagostino, Chief executive officer of Grid+, a company tasked with utilizing blockchain software and a dedicated electronic money to efficiently manage energy consumption at home. DAgostino formerly worked since a consultant for various financial companies in Manhattan including many Fortune 500 firms Before joining ConsenSys, a business Crain’s lately profiled since the brains behind the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Bitcoin is an electronic-only type of money developed to allow anyone to transact within that the Internet without having to rely on banks or other middlemen. Remember how annoying it had been to try and split an account before everyone you knew had Zelle, QuickPay, PayPal, Venmo etc.? Now imagine if you could just send money that the way you send an e-mail or an MP3, without having to rely on these other firms. The blockchain is the software which makes this system possible. Whenever you send an MP3, you really just copy that the file and send it to someone, you do not lose the original in the process.

That clearly does not quite jive with owning money, and then is known as the double send problem. Bitcoins mysterious Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto developed software that allowed that a diffuse network of computers verify transactions by consensus, thus eliminating that the need for secure banks and regulating bodies. Blockchain, DAgostino says, is a Totally public ledger spread out along the entirety of the Bitcoin network. You cannot hack the entire network, and you cannot forge that a document across millions of checkpoints.

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